Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bebe Au Lait (aka: Hooter Hiders)

It just so happens that my mom is a Lactation Consultant.  I know, I know, I am one lucky girl.  With all of her support there is no reason why I won't be nursing Baby A for a very long time.  Even though I know I have every right to nurse in public, I am still a little self consious to bare my boobs.  This summer we went on a trip to visit my inlaws and I knew I would be spending a lot of time nursing in airports and on airplanes and other public places.  I was so happy to discover the Hooter Hider (made by Bebe Au Lait) at a local baby boutique.  It has a strap that fits around your neck, leaving both of your hands free to hold your baby and you don't have to worry about it slipping off like you would a blanket.  It also has a "rigid neckline" that allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby.  Genious.  Now I keep my Hooter Hider with me at all times.  It has given me the confidence to nurse just about anywhere and I love all the fun prints they are offered in.  This is now my go to babygift for all of my new mom friends.

Baby shoes! Too cute.

It is so warm in Texas that I got away with letting Baby A go barefoot from March through September, but with cooler weather  on its way I began my quest for some cute baby shoes that would stay on her chubby little feet.  I know everybody swears by Robeez, but I just found them overpriced and couldn't find a design that I totally loved.
I searched around Etsy, one of my favorite sites for unique finds, and totally fell in love with these little shoes from Small Beans.  They go with everything, are easy to put on, don't show dirt and best of all they don't fall off!

I'm also totally digging these hot pink ones.  Maybe Baby A needs a second pair.

A new kind of scrapbook

I LOVE to take pictures of Baby A.  Chronicling her life has always been important, but I've got to say I've never really been into the idea of a "cutesie" scrapbook.  For one thing, I know I'd probably never get around to finishing one and they always just seem messy to me.  I searched around for a good online alternative to make her baby book.  I absolutely loved the simple templates and high quality prints that offers.  I recently recieved her "Baby Book" chronicling her first year and I just can't stop looking through it.  It looks so profesional and I know I'll enjoy it for many years to come.  I used a 50% off coupon and ordered one for the grandparents for Christmas as well!

The Perfect Mama Shoe

I love shoes.  After becoming a full time mama many of my super cute shoes are now collecting dust in my closet.  They just don't work for quick trips to the park or the grocery store.  This past spring I went on a quest to find a pair of shoes that met my needs for comfy practicality and fit my cuteness standards.  That is when I discovered the Merrell Relay Tour mary jane styled sport shoes.

Perfect!  Easy to slip on as you run out the door, no socks required.  Enough support for long walks with the jogging  stroller, but cute enough to wear with jeans out to lunch or shopping.

I ordered mine off to take advantage of their free shipping and was upgraded to overnight shipping for free, awesome.  (I loved these so much I ordered a second pair in the beige color.)